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Reviewed: The Lexmark c540n Colour Laser Printer


The Lexmark c540n colour laser printer is compact and does its printing jobs quietly. It is perfect for home and small office use. Its 1200 x 1200 dpi feature brings crisp images and it does so on a printing speed of 20ppm.

Lexmark C540H2YG printer cartridgeThe Lexmark c540n colour laser printer comes with 1,000 page colour and 1,000 page black toner cartridges. All you need to do is set up the laser printer and you’re ready to print documents. Another great thing about this printer is that users can save when they choose to use the Lexmark C540n as this printer’s photoconductor and toner units only need to be replaced when needed. Hence, you get your money’s worth with this printer. You also have the option of getting the 2,500 page black and 2,000 page colour toners when you run out of the original toners that come with the package.


Environmentalists will also enjoy using this Lexmark printer as the manufacturer offers the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Programme. This is a program where users can return their used toner cartridges to Lexmark free of charge. The manufacturer will then re-fill the used cartridges. Hence, carbon footprint of the printer is lessened.

Lexmark C540A1MG printer cartridgeOn another note, the c540n comes with a Lexmark guarantee that is good for a year. This also goes without saying that Lexmark engineers will be sent to check and repair your Lexmark c540n colour laser printer on the off chance that it needs repairing.


In fact one of the only downsides to the c540n is the lack of Australian retailers stocking the appropriate cartridges. After a few hours we were able to find one stockist with a decent supply for the Lexmark c540n colour laser printer


Meanwhile, it doesn’t need an engineer to set up the network connections of the Lexmark c540n colour laser printer. This comes with an Ethernet port and easy to use installation software. Once installed, everyone in the work area can easily connect to the c540n laser printer and get copies of their printed documents.


Lastly, the Lexmark c540n colour laser printer is awarded the Energy Star. This means that it is a product that it is possible for the users to save some energy while using the products with the Energy Star award.


In conclusion, the Lexmark c540n colour laser printer is a compact, easy to use b/w and colour laser printer that does its printing jobs quietly and efficiently. Small business owners will best benefit from using this energy-saving printer.